Refer a Friend

Refer a new family to Music Together of Fayetteville, and you can take $10 off your tuition for the following semester if they enroll. The new family will also receive a $10 discount! There is no limit to the number of referral credits an existing family can receive. The existing family can potentially get free tuition if enough referrals are given!

Instructions for Existing Families:

  • Complete the form below to tell your friends about Music Together of Fayetteville.
  • Tell your friend to mention your name on the registration page. Under the "Where did you hear about us" dropdown menu, tell your friend to select "Refer a Friend Program". In the comments, tell them to type your name in the comments.
  • If you have already registered and paid for the current semester, we will give you credit for the following semester.
  • There is no limit to how many credits you can receive for referrals (e.g. if a family refers 3 new families and they all register, the family who referred would get $30 credit). There will be no credits given beyond free tuition, however. For example, if your tuition is $150 and you give 20 referrals, you would be capped at getting $150 off your tuition.
  • Credits are per family referred, not per child.
  • Credits may only be applied to tuition. They have no cash value.
  • You certainly do not have to use this form to refer friends. You can refer friends by other means such as word of mouth and social media. This handy form is just another way to help you get the word out! As long as your friend confirms that you referred them is all that matters.

Instructions for New Families:

  • On the final checkout page, under "Where did you hear about us" dropdown menu, select "Refer a Friend Program". In the comments, type the name of the person/family that referred you.
  • That's it! We will give you a $10 coupon to use towards the following semester.

An existing family of Music Together of Fayetteville has attended at least one previous semester.

Music Together of Fayetteville reserves the right to change the rules and policies at any time without notice.

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