From Happy Music Together of Fayetteville Families

Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together® families have to say about Music Together of Fayetteville's music classes for kids!

"My top 10 benefits of Music Together:

1. Developmentally appropriate learning
2. Research-based curriculum
3. Small class sizes
4. A place for adults AND kids to meet new friends
5. An internationally recognized program
6. Illustrated songbook, CD and digital downloads, 25 new songs ever semester
7. 45 minutes of full music immersion every week
8. Giving children the tools needed for rhythmic and tonal competence
9. FUN
10. A place for siblings to learn together through mixed-age classes"

Sarah Richàrd

"We love music together, I love seeing my children ages 3 and 13 months faces light up every time they hear a song come on from our cd. I love how as soon as my 13 month old hears the song "hey ya na" she starts shaking her arms up and down and smiles from ear to ear."

KMcG - mom of Wyatt and Delaney (3 years/14 months)

"We love Music Together! My daughter now has a love for music and I can truly see she understands things from our 2 semesters taking Music Together classes. We take time each day to play the music and she repeats everything we do in class. Its so nice to have something other than TV to entertain her while I'm busy :) "

LM - mom of Quinn (18 months)

"I am so thankful for Music Together with Angela Lynch. We started coming to the class when my daughter was just four months old. It's been a huge hit for both of us! We love the music, the instruments, and the fun choreography that Angela comes up with. My daughter is now 14 months old, but was singing, clapping, playing instruments, and dancing well before she was expected to according to all the child development studies. I whole heartedly believe this class has advanced her development. We've enjoyed every minute of it. We have made music together apart of our daily routine even though we attend class only once a week. It also helps with the developmental concepts of manners like yes ma'am and no ma'am, excuse me, please and thank you, etc. I can't say enough positive things about this class. It's mine and my daughter's favorite. Thank you Angela for following your dream. We are certainly thankful you did. It's been amazing for us! Love doing music together”

Cristie & Ana Elise Ramirez

 "Our daughter started MT at 3 months old and lived it! She gained social skills along with music skills. Our baby can hold a beat and enjoys dancing to the rhythms she hears. MT has helped her excel in her development. And Angela is a wonderful instructor!"

Patti - mom of Maddison (14 months)

"We’ve attended MToF for 5 wonderful years that have been full of growth, love and happiness. My LO has what’s called Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum. Through educating ourselves we learned that music can help create new pathways for the brain to communicate. In the beginning we noticed slow progress. And then from there her growth started to explode!!! Her first words, sounds, movements etc all started to blossom with this class.

Each class is filled with fun songs, dancing, instruments, normal daily items that can be used as instruments, laughs and giggles. It’s been amazing to see how a simple structured day of music can help bring more life into a tiny person.

If you’re still reading this, I can’t recommend this class enough! It’s great for even the tiniest of babies! The teachers are all wonderful. The music is fun and educational. But most of all, it’s time you’re going to spend with your little one, memories that will always bring happiness.

(A little explanation on her diagnosis. The corpus callosum is like a superhighway for moving information between the two sides of the brain -- without it, information gets stuck in one hemisphere or the brain must use another pathway to send information to the other side. That is what happens in a disorder of the corpus callosum – the superhighway isn’t working because it’s completely missing or partially, so the brain has to use ‘side streets’ to get information from side to side.)

Sherrie Hardebeck