Music Together of Fayetteville Health Policy and COVID-19

At Music Together of Fayetteville, we are closely monitoring the situation regarding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in our community. Until the situation is resolved, we will continue to defer to the CDC and other health professionals on how best to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

According to Cumberland County Public Health Department, at this time, COVID-19 is spreading at a manageable rate, and we are focused on continuing our Summer 2020 classes as planned. As you know, this is a rapidly changing situation, and we have started planning for future scenarios in case it becomes necessary to cancel or delay classes. We will keep you updated and informed as the situation continues to unfold, and invite you to reach out us at any time at

In the meantime, we have revised our health policy using guidance from the CDC ( about best practices to prevent the spread of all germs and ensure your continued health and well-being.

We will begin our 4-week camp-like classes on July 28 only if North Carolina is in Phase Three by then. Classes will be held Tuesdays & Thursdays. Since it is uncertain as to when North Carolina will enter Phase Three, we will allow you to Pay Later. Payments will not be due until July 14, 2020 at midnight. If you pay before then and we decide to cancel summer classes, you will receive a full-refund.

2020 Health Policy for Music Together of Fayetteville

We ask for your help in keeping all the members of our musical community healthy by following these protocols. Our classes may have immune-compromised individuals (including pregnant women) who may be more susceptible to viral respiratory infections, including influenza and COVID-19, so your vigilance and adherence to this health policy is extremely important. Our teachers reserve the right to send a family home from class if they feel these sickness protocols are not being followed.

Classroom Cleaning Protocols

  • All instruments that were distributed will be disinfected between classes and the end of the day with hospital-grade sanitizing disinfectant.
  • Classroom surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • Some instruments and props may be taken out of circulation.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes will be available for use during class.

Family Health Protocols

  • We ask that all adults and children wash their hands before and after class for at least 20 seconds. (Sing the “Hello Song” to all the members of your family: that'll be at least 20 seconds!) Please arrive a few minutes early to allow time for this.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze or use the inside of your elbow. Throw used tissues in the trash. Immediately wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, clean your hands with a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Wave instead of shaking hands or hugging.

Illness Policy

  • Do not come to class if you have flu-like symptoms.
  • Do not come to class if you have been exposed to flu-like symptoms.
  • Do not come to class if you have a fever greater than 100.
  • Do not come to class medicated for any of these symptoms.
  • Follow all CDC precautions for COVID-19.
  • If you or your child is sick, please stay home until you are fully recovered. If you or your child has had a fever, you must be fever-free for at least 24 hours (without assistance of fever-reducing medication) before returning to class.
  • If you or your child becomes ill with something contagious after you were in class, please contact us immediately.

Generous Make-Up Policy!

If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during our summer semester, do not come to class. During COVID-19, we have a generous, unlimited makeup policy, so please keep that in mind. If circumstances warrant more flexibility, we will allow families to carry over makeups to next semester. A proof of diagnosis is required.


Contact us at, with your questions about this health policy or our plans for responding to COVID-19. Let’s keep the music playing!


As consideration for Music Together of Fayetteville permitting me to take Music Together classes, I agree to the following:


ASSUMPTION OF THE RISKS:  I understand that naturally occurring disease processes (including, but not limited to, the novel coronavirus or COVID-19), may exist in the community, including at Music Together of Fayetteville, and present an inherent risk that cannot be eliminated. I acknowledge that, although Music Together of Fayetteville is taking reasonable measures to avoid contact, transmittal, and exposure of disease processes like COVID-19 between people in our classes (including frequently sanitizing our instruments & equipment, Music Together Teachers, and third-parties), it is ultimately my responsibility to ensure that I and my child take appropriate actions to safe-guard ourselves. I understand and agree that as a registered member of Music Together of Fayetteville, I am accepting and voluntarily assuming the risk that I or my child may be exposed and become ill as a result of COVID-19 and other diseases.  


WAIVER OF LIABILITY: I, on behalf of myself and my child(ren) hereby voluntarily release, forever discharge, and covenant not to sue Music Together of Fayetteville, and its owners, managers, members, employees, agents, and volunteers (“Released Parties”) for any claims that may arise out of or relate in any way to my or my child’s exposure to any communicable disease, including but not limited to the novel coronavirus or COVID-19. The claims hereby released include, but are not limited to, claims of negligence against any of the Released Parties.



Temporary No Instrument Sharing Policy

We understand that being in public right now can be a bit scary and overwhelming for you and your child's well-being. We just want you to know that your health is our number one priority. At Music Together of Fayetteville, we are trying our very best to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Unlike our traditional in-class experiences where we all share instruments, each family will be given their own set of instruments that only will be used by them.


In your first class, you be given a cinch bag filled with the following things:


  • One pair of sticks per child
  • One egg shaker per child
  • One scarf per child
  • One Music Together magnet so you can participate in our new Spot the Dot Challenge.
  • One Kazoo songbook per family
    • Includes recordings and materials for you to use at home, online access to the songs and activities through the “Hello Everybody” app and the exclusive online Family Music Zone® , a family guide to understanding music development in children, and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas. Your one-time tuition is charged at the time of your registration for the semester.

At the end of each class, each family will return their bag to the teacher where all of the bag's contents will be disinfected. We will also store the bags after every class. Your bags are to be used by your family ONLY.  After our very last class, the bags (and all of its contents) are yours to take home!


Other Policies and FAQs

As a parent, what is my role in class?

Sing, dance, and have fun! You might be surprised to hear that you are your child's most important music teacher right now—and it doesn't matter whether you think of yourself as a great singer or dancer. Young children develop dispositions for certain behaviors, including learning to love music, by observing and imitating their loved ones. Simply by participating enthusiastically during class and playing with the ideas at home, you'll give your children the modeling they need to learn to love to make music. Please wait to socialize or use your cell phone until after class and instead help us create a music-only environment.

What's expected of my child in class?

At Music Together, children are never required to sit in the circle or expected to conform to an adult's idea of participation. We know that children learn differently from adults. They learn instinctively and constantly, through observation, interactions with adults and older children, and through imitation, play, and, especially, movement. One hallmark of Music Together is the insight that children will naturally develop music ability simply when they are immersed in a community of families all making music.

Children's responses depend on their most dominant learning style and temperament as well as their age and developmental level. Some might follow the teacher right away. Many will simply want to watch and absorb, particularly in the first few weeks of class. Some might crawl or toddle around; others are stimulated by the music and respond more actively, running, jumping, or dancing. All are perfectly natural responses to the new, musically rich environment. Throughout the semester, your teacher will help you tune in to how your child learns best so you can support their music development in class and at home. Feel free to ask if you have any questions!

How should we use the Music Together materials?

Play your songs frequently, especially during the first few weeks of class. Make the music available for your child to listen to while she is playing or before nap or bedtime. Create your Music Together account and download the "Hello Everybody" app for digital versions of the songs and more activity ideas to try! 

Use the songbook to help you learn the songs and get new musical activities to use at home. If you play an instrument and want to play along, the music notation is available in the Family Music Zone® Try using the songbook at storytime!

What is the class size?*

Normally our class sizes are up to 12 registered children, plus their caregiver(s). However, due to COVID-19, we are limiting class sizes to just 6 registered children, plus their caregiver(s).

What if I start classes after the semester begins?*

Music Together of Fayetteville welcomes families at any point during the semester! However, we do not prorate for classes missed due to late registration. Instead, families will be given make-up credits to be used towards a future semester.

Can we eat in class?*

Please feel comfortable to nurse or bottle-feed your child in class, but we ask that you not bring food or drink into classrooms. Bottled water with a lid is the only exception. If you or your child must eat, please step outside the classroom to do so.

Will classes be canceled in inclement weather?*

We adhere to the Cumberland County Schools system in regards to weather cancellations. Should public schools close due to inclement weather, classes at Music Together of Fayetteville will be canceled as well. Please check the news on the home page, our Instagram page, or our Facebook page for announcements regarding weather cancellations.

Why aren't there classes for specific age groups?

Classes with children of different ages have intellectual and social benefits for both younger and older children. In fact, it's the learning environment recommended by many early childhood researchers. Older children learn empathy and awareness of others, while developing leadership qualities and gaining self-confidence. Younger children learn by imitating the older ones and often show more complex behaviors earlier than usual. Even babies benefit by being in an environment that gives them lots of opportunities to observe the behavior of children of varying ages. Plus, it allows everyone—siblings, parents, grandparents, caregivers—to share in the musical experience together!

Do you offer gift certificates?

Gift Certificates toward classes can be purchased at any time. They make fabulous baby shower, birthday, or holiday gifts.

Do you offer gift certificates?

I already have a set of materials from a previous semester. Do I have to get a new set?

This question is asked from time to time when a family has taken the program for all three years and comes upon a song collection again. As a Music Together licensed center we are required to provide each participating family with our beautiful take-home materials. As of Fall 2018, we have introduced brand new take-home materials – and in some semesters, new songs have been introduced into the curriculum so you wouldn't want to miss out.

Our license agreement with Music Together LLC requires that we pay them a fee per family each semester, but contrary to what some folks believe, this is not a materials fee. We pay Music Together a fee (which we typically refer to as a ''service fee'') calculated based on how many families are enrolled. So, even if we did not give you the set of materials, we still need to meet our responsibility and pay the fee. Our service fee covers royalties, licensing fees, and a wide range of services from Music Together, including curriculum materials for both families and teachers, continuing education opportunities, use of the trademarks and logos, program research, and mentoring and support for our teachers, which all help further our mission: to bring the joy of music to young children and their parents and caregivers. Enrolled families (like you!) benefit indirectly from these services, as well as from the tangible items such as our beautiful new songbooks and recordings, Parent Guide, deeper learning articles, and educational support tools available online in the Family Music Zone and Hello, Everybody phone app.

We hope you and your family will enjoy your new songbook for years to come. Our new, richly illustrated books will inspire your family to play with music all week long. You'll find it helpful to learn the lyrics, as a jumping-off point for creative storytelling, and to learn more about the songs you're singing in class. Plus the new set of materials contain a special, unique access code to online resources and recordings for families, and when accessed through the Hello Everybody! App, you can turn down the vocals and sing (and even record!) karaoke to every song.

Music Together of Fayetteville LLC reserves the right to change these policies at any time without notice.

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Cena McGinnis, Alysia Salas, and Chima Enwere (Director)

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